Large Hourglass Timer 60 Minute, Decorative Hexagon Frame Sandglass with Black Sand

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  • Sandglass Measure 10’’ x 4.5’’ x 4.5’’
  • Sand Timing: 60 Minutes (deviation within 5 min)
  • High Quality Wooden Frame and Fine Flow Sand
  • Great Birthday Gift, Wedding Gift & Christams Gift
  • Ideal for Study, Meeting, Cooking, Exercising and Playing Games

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Product Description

H60-2 K60-1 A60-1 M60-1 J60-1 D60-1
Retro Hourglass Hexagon Hourglass Woode Hourglass Metal Hourglass Black Hourglass Rectangle Hourglass
Timing 60 min 60 min 30/45/60 min 60 min 60 min 30/60 min
Size 4x4x10 inch 4.5×4.5×10 inch 4x4x8 inch 5.9×5.9×8.6 inch 4x4x10 inch 4.9×2.5×8.1 inch
Frame Material Wood & Metal Wood & Metal Wood Metal Wood & Metal Wood
Color Selection 7 kinds 7 kinds 6 kinds 2 kinds 2 kinds 3 kinds

Hexagon 60 Minute Horglass Sand Timer



  • 1. The hourglass has a timing error of about 10%, which is a normal phenomenon and is higher than the production standard of the hourglass industry.
  • 2. It is normal for the sand to hang on the wall or get stuck, and it can be relieved by flicking the hourglass or putting it under the sun to ventilate.
  • 3. The hourglass size is manually measured, and there will be an error of 0.1 to 0.5 inches.


Hourglass Details




Black Metal Pillars and Wooden Base

Elegant Thickened Glass

Fine Flow Sand ( 7 Color Option )


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