How small things can save from heart disease Blood Pressure and Cancer

Cooking in clay pots has been a traditional method of cooking in many cultures for centuries. Clay pots are alkaline in nature and help neutralize the pH balance of the food by interacting with the acid present in the food. This not only makes the food healthier but also adds a nice aroma to it1.

Cooking in reactive pots made from metals (aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel) and ceramics (combination of different inorganic substances and some natural clay) pose the danger of toxins leaching into food while cooking – with heat acting as a catalyst. These toxins react and leach into food2.

Clay pots are one of the best options if you wish to make your meals less oily because they require very little oil for cooking food. These pots take longer to heat and use a slower cooking process, helping to retain the natural moisture and natural oils present in the food3.

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